About WSH


Facts and figures

The proportion of women who travel on business and stay in hotels is growing continually. In Germany, around 25% of business travelers are female and this trend is moving upward.

Women travel differently!

Various studies have shown that women place value on different things than men when it comes to their choice of the hotel. This was also proven in a study conducted by the Köln International School of Design, led by Professor Uta Brandes. The study surveyed both female and male business travelers as well as hotel managers. That was the birth of the idea of WOMEN SENSITIVE HOTELS.


Our service

We assist hotels in addressing the growing target audience of the female business travelers and to adapt their services in all of the hotels’ areas.

Network for »traveling differently«

Business women not only have great demands in terms of rooms, services and restaurants. They also place great value on minor courtesies and little tokens that turn their stay in a hotel into a wonderful experience.


Our service mission

The mission of WOMEN SENSITIVE HOTELS is to sensitize hotels to the claims and desires of traveling business women and close the existing service gap. Naturally, we do not exclude men. Indeed, men truly know how to appreciate good, personalized service in hotels!


Inspiration for your entire trip - get networked yourself!

With our platform, we not only want to make your stay in each hotel as comfortable as possible, but also in each city you visit. The WOMEN SENSITIVE HOTELS group also wants to inspire cities to develop and/or extend their offers to businesswomen traveling alone.

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